3 Signs It’s Time For a New Car


The allure of driving a new car down the road can be an elegant fantasy. This is until you become overwhelmed with the specifics of monthly payments, price, selling your old car, and the process of looking for a new one. Unfortunately, this overwhelm tends to lead many people into hanging onto their old clunker for far too long. There are definitely some warning signs that should signal to you that you need to take an unbiased look at your car. If you notice any of the following signs ring true with your current vehicle, it’s time to bite the bullet and start looking for new one.

You See Your Mechanic Way Too Often 

If you find yourself calling a tow truck and visiting your local garage more than twice a year, it’s a sign it’s time to think about a new ride. Don’t get us wrong, older cars are more prone to breaking down then new ones, but you shouldn’t be dealing with any more than two major breakdowns a year. If you find yourself visiting your mechanic every two, three, or even four months for major repairs, then you really need to start planning on getting a new vehicle.

Realize that everytime your vehicle breaks down it costs you more than just repairs and the tow bill alone. When your car break downs it’s on your way to somewhere, most likely work. Showing up late for work, dinners, other activities, can seem redundant when they happen every couple of months. When this starts to happen you should be putting a stop too it.

The Inside Of Your Car Is Crumbling 

We are sure that you have crawled in a car of a family member or friend where the seats were torn up, knobs were missing, and the floor was starting to rust. You probably told yourself that you would never be caught dead driving in a car like that. Unfortunately, as we get used to our vehicles we tend to let these things slide as they happen sequentially.

It’s time to really look at the interior of your car and be honest. If your floor mats are rotted and you can see metal, you need to look at a new car. If your seats are torn, your missing knobs, your compartment lids are busted, or even seat rests are missing, it’s likely your car has been through enough. Just imagine how nice it will be to turn up the radio with an actual button and to have a rest to put your head on when you lean back.

It Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle Anymore

As your lifestyle changes so should your vehicle. Events like having children, getting a job further away, or taking up new hobbies, such as camping, all change the type of vehicle that you need to accompany your lifestyle. It’s important to remember that your vehicles are there to assist you, not the other way around.

Taking two vehicles so your entire family can go to a restaurant together is not very economically feasible or fun, for that matter. It’s time to upgrade to a vehicle with more seating. If you find a job further away from home that requires a longer drive or you get hired by a firm that requires you drive throughout the day, upgrading to a vehicle that gets better gas mileage will be in your best interest. Likewise, if your family enjoys a new hobby of camping, you’re going to need to upgrade to a vehicle that is capable of hauling a camper. As your life changes, so should the vehicle that you drive.

While your daily driver may feel like second nature to you, it’s important to evaluate its use often to ensure its the best fit for your needs. As you notice things starting to change, such as having car trouble more often, it’s time to reassess the vehicle that you’re driving. If you fall into any of the categories above, then you should already know at this point it’s time to get yourself a new ride and never look back. Always be sure that you remember to look for these signs and be honest with yourself about when it’s actually time to upgrade.

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