3 Signs It Is Time to Clean Your Heating and Cooling System


It makes sense to have your HVAC unit tuned-up at the end of summer or winter, but what about cleaning the entire heating and cooling system? Interestingly, there are a few reasons this is a good idea, and they might not be the answers you were expecting. Thankfully, when you have a heating and cooling system repair, maintenance, inspection and installation service on your side, they can help you keep all areas of your HVAC unit up-to-snuff to add to your overall quality of life.

Dirty HVAC can lead to respiratory issues
Having a dusty HVAC unit is one thing, but having a problem with moisture control or outdated air ducts can also create health problems such as respiratory issues. The NY Times recently reported that a Veteran’s Administration hospital was being closed and the main issue was an outdated HVAC air duct system. The reason that the air ducts being old was causing problems was due to the particles from “galvanized duct corrosion and metal piping/fittings” as well as “low concentrations of fiberglass fibers.” For this reason, it can be important to have your HVAC air ducts tested if you think the system in your home is aging.

Reduced air quality
It seems like a simple task, but too many home and business owners forget to change their air filters often enough to be effective. While some areas of the country are not known for heavy amounts of air pollutants such as pollen, dust or other allergens, this does not mean specialized filters should be avoided. According to the NY Times, sealing up your home in the winter to keep utility costs at their lowest point can seal up air that is recycled and have “essentially made us prisoners of our own exhalations.”

In addition to having an air filtration system installed that has regular maintenance scheduled to change the filters, having a moisture-control device installed can be a critical step in having the HVAC air ducts producing the cleanest, healthiest air. This also helps resolve the one other problem associated with not having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis: mold buildup.

Areas of the home are cold or had freezing pipes
Over time, air ducts can shift, and this is especially true if work behind the walls has been done in the recent past. “When air ducts are not able to push the hot air to the vents due to a hole in the duct, this causes other parts of the home to be under-heated,” said Atlas Heating and Air Service. Inevitably, when there are temperatures below freezing for a period of days, an under-heated area of the home means pipes can burst due to internal ice collection. This is truly a budget-breaker, and it could have been avoided with a regular HVAC heat circulation inspection of the ducts. This procedure does not take very long to do, but using the thermometer equipment means each vent in the home will need to be physically accessed.

You can take control of your heating and cooling system
While many people will wait until their HVAC unit breaks before calling a repair tech, there is a way to save a significant amount of time and money by having your system cleaned and inspected each year before it gets the heaviest amount of use. These off-season inspections and tune-ups are also an essential part of keeping the warranty conditions up-to-date. For example, one of the stipulations of a 10 or 20-year warranty is to have the machinery inspected and maintained by an HVAC tech twice a year. If the machinery fails and you have all your receipts, you can get your entire unit replaced.

However, no matter which type of machinery you have for heating and cooling your home, it can always be improved to increase the overall health of all of the occupants. Naturally, this type of air quality testing is done when you call a specialist for a simple inspection appointment. If there is an issue with your machinery or a need for further cleaning of the heating and cooling system, they will alert you before they charge you for the service. In the long-term, regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning of your heating or cooling system will result in better health, but also fewer emergency repair costs and lower utility bills.