3 Roofing Maintenance Tips To Know


The roof is arguably the most important part of a house. It protects the interior from rain, snow, and debris. Damage to the roof can result in a large expense. A total roof replacement may well be the most expensive item a homeowner will encounter. One way to protect and extend the life of the roof is to properly maintain it. There are some tips on roof maintenance. This article will discuss three, that if followed, will prolong the life of the roof and save the homeowner money.

A homeowner needs to understand that roof maintenance often involves hiring a professional to perform the work. There is an inherent danger involved with working on a roof. Anyone who does this kind of work knows of someone who was seriously injured while working on a roof. A homeowner needs to be careful but they also need to follow these tips to extend the life of the roof. Any money spent on maintenance will pay dividends later on for the homeowner. Do not climb on a ladder or on the roof unless you feel comfortable and confident that you will not get hurt. Do not take any unnecessary chances.


It is an obvious fact, but a roof is different that any other part of the home. It is relatively easy to inspect most areas. Inspecting a roof usually involves climbing a ladder. Of course, you can stand in your yard and look up and see most of the roof. However, a good and complete inspection generally involves inspecting the roof up close.

It is not possible to know what needs to be maintained without an inspection. The homeowner can set up a maintenance schedule such as cleaning the roof twice a year. That will discussed later. The problem with the schedule is that something might happen between cleanings. An example would be a storm that involves downed tree limbs. If there are limbs and debris in the front and back yard after a storm, then there is probably a good chance that some of the same material is on the roof. A homeowner needs to inspect the roof, or hire a company to do the inspection. Most companies will not only inspect but take care of whatever they find.

This first tip inevitably leads to another tip unless the inspection finds no problems and nothing that requires corrective action. It is good news if the homeowner gets a good report but more likely some roof maintenance will be required.


Inspecting and cleaning a roof is not a simple matter. There are many parts of a roof to clean. Examples are the flashing, roof valleys, shingles, and gutters. It is essential to remove any and all debris. This requires getting on a ladder and most likely walking on the roof. As noted before, if a homeowner does not feel comfortable doing this, they need to hire a professional who will clean all the areas.

As pointed out in an article in the Chicago Tribune, inspecting and cleaning a roof is a necessary part of preparing your home for winter. Ice and snow are real problems for a roof, whether is a solid or liquid state. Trapped ice under a shingle can cause real damage. A good clean roof is essential as part of winter preparation.


Many times a shingle will be damaged. It needs to be either repaired on replaced. Sometimes a homeowner will find a shingle in the yard that was blown off in a windstorm. Other times the shingle will still be on the roof but no longer providing the protection necessary. Replace any shingle that is found during an inspection. Any damage to the roof needs to be repaired quickly and correctly to avoid leaks and further damage.

These tips may seem simple and good common sense, but you cannot wait for the roof to start leaking before taking action. Maintenance of a roof will always be less expensive that roof replacement. A good roof maintenance schedule is crucial to keeping the value of a home intact, and keeping costs down. Utilize these tips and you will be on the way to a long life for your roof.