3 Reasons Why Shipping Packaging Matters to Customers


As someone who packages products and ships them to your customers, you might put some thought into things like buying packaging supplies. For example, you probably want to make sure that you get the best price on the supplies that you purchase. However, you might not have really thought about the things that your customers think about when it comes to your packaging, and you might not really realize that the packaging is important to your customers at all. These are some of the reasons why shipping packaging really does matter to the people who purchase your products.

1. Appearance and Experience

For one thing, your customers care about your packaging because of the appearance of it. Depending on what they are buying, many customers get excited about the idea of receiving a package that they have been waiting on. They may want to have an enjoyable and exciting experience when they open up their purchases. If the packaging that you send out is really boring and plain, then this can take away from the appearance and the overall experience. Of course, this might not really give your customers a reason to complain, but it could still have an overall negative impact on their experience. If you want to make sure that you provide your customers with the best experience possible when they purchase a product from your company, then you may want to consider putting some thought into making the packaging a bit more attractive. Then, you’ll know that your customers will have a great experience when they open up the packages that they receive.

2. Protection of the Product

Another major thing that customers often care about when purchasing products and having them shipped to their homes and businesses is whether or not the products that they are purchasing are properly protected. After all, items can be damaged in the shipping process, and the last thing that most customers probably want is to open up their packages and find out that their items are damaged before they even get to use them. Plus, this can impact your business as well, since you have to worry about replacing these products, which can be costly for your business. Therefore, if you want to skimp on things like providing proper protection for the products that are being shipped, you may want to reconsider. For customer satisfaction and your company’s bottom line, you may find that it’s worth it to spend money on things like protective packaging and packing peanuts to ensure that your products make their way to their destination in good condition.

3. Eco-Friendliness

Nowadays, a lot of consumers are very concerned about the impact that their lives and purchasing habits have on the environment. A lot of people worry that their purchases might come along with a lot of excess packaging that cannot be recycled, for example. If you would like to make sure that your customers are happy and possibly even attract people who are concerned about using environmentally friendly shopping habits, then putting a little bit of thought and effort into things like packaging your products with recyclable materials might just be a good idea for you and your business.

As you can see, the type of packaging that you use to package and ship your company’s products really does matter for a lot of reasons. Of course, it matters to your company because of things like cost and the efficiency of the packaging process, but you should know that it matters to your customers as well. These are three of the main reasons why customers actually do care about how retailers package their products before they ship them out; for these reasons and more, it’s a good idea for your business to put some hard work and thought into choosing the perfect packaging. Then, you can help ensure that your customers are happy when they receive a package from your business.