3 Reasons to Have Your Air Conditioning Regularly Maintained


Your home’s air conditioning system needs to be maintained regularly to ensure that it’s working properly. When you neglect necessary maintenance, the air conditioner will stop performing at peak efficiency, which will cause an increase in energy usage.

Saves Energy
One of the easiest ways to maintain the air conditioning unit in the home is by changing the filters. Clogged filters will block air flow in and out of the unit, which significantly reduces the way the system runs. It’ll also compromise the air quality in the home, which can make people feel ill. Any dirt, pet dander or pollen in the system will be transferred directly into the home.

When your air conditioning unit is running inefficiently, it will work harder than normal to keep the rooms at a proper temperature. Often, when people notice that their air conditioning system isn’t keeping rooms as cool as they used to, they might believe they need a new unit. In fact, they most likely need to have the filters changed.

Approximately 6 percent of your energy usage goes to your cooling needs. When the air conditioning unit isn’t working at peak capacity, that means an increase in your utility bill. You’ll see a spike in costs directly related to the inefficiency of the air conditioning unit.

Extends Equipment Life
Maintaining your air conditioning unit with regular checkups means that you can add years to the life of the equipment. It’s like the maintenance needed on your vehicle. You wouldn’t stop having oil changes and tune ups on your car since you know it’ll cause problems. The same is true for the air conditioning unit.

When the air conditioner is maintained with yearly service calls, the technician will inspect and lubricate all the moving parts of the unit. When there’s not enough lubrication, motors and fans cease to work properly. Often, they can burn out and need to be repaired.

During inspection, the blowers will be cleaned and adjusted. This will ensure that there is proper airflow through the unit, according to Sea Coast Air Conditioning. When all the parts of the unit are cared for during routine checkups, it causes less wear on the parts themselves. Burned out parts and fans that stick are one of the worst things that can happen to the unit, but caring for them will increase the years that you’ll have the unit.

Normally, it’s hard to estimate the life of a specific type of air conditioning system. It varies based on the hours run per day, the location of the home and whether the unit is properly maintained, but it’s likely that regular maintenance can add 5 to 7 years to the life of the unit.

Catches Problems Quickly
Starting up the air conditioning unit at the beginning of the cooling season should be done by a professional. He or she can change filters, check the unit for grinding parts and remove dirt and dust from the unit. Drain channels can be checked to be sure they are not clogged too.

There are many parts of the air conditioning unit that have to be checked before you turn it on for the summer. If you are running the unit continuously throughout the year, you should actually be maintaining it more frequently. When the technician visits regularly, he’s more likely to notice problems before they become huge repairs.

When the unit is checked and maintained, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your unit will not break down in the middle of a heat wave. Repairs can be costly when a unit breaks down during the summer. You could pay premium rates for emergency calls to fix your broken unit. A maintenance call will be significantly less than an emergency call, so you’ll save money with your regular maintenance habits.

You’d never leave your car running continuously without bringing it to the garage for service and maintenance occasionally. The same should be true for your air conditioning unit. Have regular maintenance done to increase the life of the unit and to reduce the amount of repair problems.