3 Party Favors that Will Make Your Event Memorable


If you are in the midst of planning a party for family members or friends, one thing you make the experience more enjoyable for them is to offer them a party favor. There are numerous types of party favors to choose from, and some of them can be very fun to create on your own or with friends. Let’s look at three types of party favors that you can try for your next gathering.

1. A Drink Glass to Take Home
First, consider offering your guests a drink glass. This is a fun gift because it can be the drink glass that they actually use at your party. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be an alcoholic drink glass. For example, you can use a regular wine glass, but you can serve juice, punch or other beverages out of it.

If you really want to get creative with this idea, and consider putting the name of each cast on their own glass. Of course, this will be most useful if you already know who will be at your event and where they will be sitting. Another idea is to put the names of your guests on each class and set them at a table near the entrance of the event. Once they enter the event, they can find their own glass. This is a great way to know who has arrived and who is missing from your party as well.

2. A Tasty Treat or Something You’ve Made
Again, making something yourself can be a fun way to give party favors to your friends and family members. There are numerous things you can make to offer as party favors. The most likely thing is a tasty treat. Do you have a desert that you are especially good at making? Is it something that can be divided into individualized portions and wrapped separately? This will be a best option.

Cookies are a good example. if you’re really creative with your baking, you can make personalized cookies, but any cookies will do. If they are small cookies, consider putting two or three in each package for each person. You might also try something else creative, such as a name plate that personalized or a handmade flower.

3. A Local Item Native to the Region
Finally, consider giving something away that is native to the area where you’re having your party or event for example, if your area is known for a specific type of wine or other drink, you could purchase small portions of that to giveaway. Many regions are famous for jams or other canned goods as well. You might live in a place where maple syrup is tapped. Or perhaps there is a specific type of pastry that is special to your home area. All of these will make equally good party favors for your guests.

According to PicFlips Flipbooks, the key to choosing a good party favor is to put some effort into it and make it special for all of your guests. You should also try to come up with things that everyone can enjoy. For example, choosing to give away a bottle of pink nail polish to every single person at a party where they will be both men and women may be a bit of a stretch. What’s a guy going to do with a bottle of nail polish? But choosing a drink or a food can pretty much be a good party favors for anyone, no matter their age or gender.

Finally, if none of the above ideas seem good to you, you can consider giving away something that can actually be used at the party itself. For example, if you are at a wedding, why not give away noise makers that you can use for the newlyweds to kiss while at the reception. You can also give away sachets of flower petals or rice to throw at them as they leave their actual service. Bubbles are also good for this, and kids love to play with them.

Choose something that you know your guests will love, and there will be no problem with your party favors. Just the fact that you are giving away something is great for all!

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