3 Must Have Desserts for Your Next Event


The dish everyone remembers at a dinner party is always the last one–dessert. Not only is it most likely to leave a lasting impression on your guests, it is also usually their favorite. The easiest way to impress a crowd is to satisfy their sweet tooth, so make sure you include one of these must-have desserts for your next event.

1. Double Apple Pie
Nothing is as American as apple pie, but this classic dessert is due for an update. This recipe calls for a secret ingredient–vodka–to help retain all the moisture in the filling without disturbing the perfectly crispy crust.

There is no dessert better than a familiar one done well. With its history dating back to the middle ages, apple pies and tarts and been done and done again. Make sure you make your own filling with the suggested mix of granulated and dark brown sugar for best results.

The key to this recipe is to make sure you check on the edges of the pie every ten minutes or so of its roughly 1.5 hours of cook time because your oven may work differently. This recipe can also be made with a store-bought crust, but, as always, nothing beats homemade.

Give your guests a homey, familiar dessert at your house, and it will soon be their home as well. Remind them of an easier, safer time in their lives, when their mothers still baked for them–just update the recipe with a few modern twists for best results.

2. Profiteroles with Raspberries
If you’re tired of the rustic, home cooked trend and want to get fancy again, these profiteroles will add a touch of elegance to any event. As airy, light, and delicious as they look, this dessert appears more in fine dining restaurants than in your friend’s kitchen. Fortunately, as fancy as they look, this 6-ingredient dessert is anything but difficult to make.

Like their less fancy cousins, popovers, all it takes is 20 to 25 minutes in a hot oven until they are brown, done, and beautiful. These profiteroles are especially nice in the summer, when you do not want to spend all day in a hot kitchen tending to your oven. Light and crisp, they will add the perfect touch to the end of dinner without weighing heavy on your guests stomachs.

According to CupcakeDropoff.com, the key to the perfect consistency here is to add eggs to the flour mixture one at a time. The batter is relatively dry and will break apart after each egg, but stir well and it will come together once again. Add all the eggs and once, and it may be irretrievable.

Piping the profiterole itself may be your greatest challenge. Be willing to sacrifice some batter for perfect ones to come and double the recipe if need be. A profiterole’s appearance is almost as important as its taste.

3. Red Velvet Cake
Somehow, red velvet cake has made a comeback. Despite once being a fringe dessert that appeared only in nostalgic memories of pre-mixed cake mixes from a box, red velvet cake as reentered the American culinary landscape as a decadent, delicious treat–even if it has a bit of food coloring in it.

The deep, red color of a red velvet cake is enough to whet any appetite as your guests are reminded of how their mothers might have made it or the time they had the best red velvet cake ever at an old-school diner. Some prefer to avoid food coloring for health reasons, but we say to add it. This garish red color has appeared in cakes, cupcakes, scented candles, and even ice cream. Its popularity has grown across all aspects of pop culture, and we doubt anyone would turn down a slice of cake because of some red food dye.

Beneath its exterior, red velvet cake has a rich chocolate flavor that will leave any gourmand satisfied after a nice meal. A buttercream or buttermilk frosting adds that layer of richness many guests will crave in a dessert. It is no surprise that red velvet cake is often referred to as a cousin of devil’s food cake because it is certainly sinful enough.