3 Laser Engraving Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


Laser engraving is turning the world of shopping upside-down. From elegant tables to quirky kitchenware, there are all kinds of cool products that rely on lasers in the design process. Even business cards can be engraved for a memorable, professional experience. Whether you’re promoting your business or crafting a special desert, check out these 3 top products you never knew existed.

Wooden Business Cards

For the self-employed, laser engraved business cards will make a strong impression when networking and making connections. “With complete customization in terms of text, typeface, texture and shape, your laser engraved business card is only limited by your graphic designer’s creativity when making a vector image,” said LaserPro. Using simple software, it’s possible to create a business card with more memorability and presence than a traditional business card while still appearing sleek and refined.
Business cards and similar products make for great, personalized promotional material. In a Forbes article about the financial power of the laser engraving industry, TJ McCue mentions how the Kistap Mini Maker Faire used laser engraving on small wooden boxes to make creative promotional material. This shows the potential of laser engraving for cheaply creating personalized objects like wooden business cards. By sharing contact information in a novel yet professional way, your colleagues and future coworkers will surely remember you. Whether you’re part of a small business that needs a creative marketing strategy or a professional looking for a way to stand out in the job pool, laser engraved business cards and promotional objects are a great choice.

Decorative Furniture

Another impressive way to harness the power of laser technology is through decoration. One UChicago student used laser engraving technology to create an elegant wooden tabletop, complete with a leaf motif. By combining advanced technology with practical applications, this UChicago student clearly knows where the future of design is headed. Custom-engraved tables and chairs are just some of the many examples of decorative furniture that today’s tools can now manufacture.
Creative people can now take their ideas and use engraving to turn them into a stunning centerpiece in the home or workplace. Customization is the future of design, especially when it comes to furniture. A subtle pattern or precise illustration can change a room’s atmosphere for the better. Whether your home needs a glass-topped table with elegant patterns or a wooden side table with quirky cat silhouettes, there’s something for everyone.

Rolling Pins

For the home chef in your life, personalized rolling pins make a great gift. It can be difficult to make too many creative changes with this practical tool, but laser engraving makes everything possible. You don’t want to mess with the shape of the rolling pin or it simply won’t function. However, laser engraving makes it possible to alter the texture with shapes and designs for a personal item that any chef would love to use. Whether you’re a restaurant owner who wants to serve up stylish desserts or a home chef who has a passion for being number one, engraving rolling pins is a great idea. Bring some more creativity into the kitchen with laser engraving.
There are plenty of quirky designs available for laser-engraved rolling pins. From cute and eccentric dinosaurs to elegant, embossed geometry, your work in the kitchen will be anything but ordinary. Pie crusts, cookies and other dough-based desserts are all viable targets for your new rolling pin. With a decorative flair for food, you can be an unstoppable, design-savvy chef. Who knew that laser engraving could create so many cool things? Whether you’re among colleagues or in the kitchen, laser engraving can create memorable moments that last.