3 Killer Statement Pieces Everyone should have in their Closets


If you like fashion but don’t want to spend a lot of money on what you wear, you may be interested in statement pieces. What is a statement piece? This is a piece of clothing that you can wear with a lot of different outfits that has a unique flare to it.

A statement piece doesn’t have to be something huge, and it certainly shouldn’t be gaudy either. Instead, it should be something that you can wear to accessorize other pieces in your closet that may be a little more mundane or boring.

In general, a statement piece is something that catches people’s eyes. It makes them look at you and see your true self or uniqueness. What makes you you is often seen in a statement piece you own.

There are tons of different types of statement pieces that can be purchased or made. These are the three that you should either have in your closet right now or consider getting sometime soon!

1. A unique piece of jewelry
Many people go for jewelry when it comes to making statements, and that’s a great idea because jewelry can definitely help you stand out. You can choose between earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and broaches. In fact, broaches are very popular for statement pieces because they tend not to be as famous in general.

Choose something that pops out at you from the store shelves. Even better, try to find something on a fun trip or when visiting a place you’ve never been before. Doing this is helpful because it can help you remember your trip and your time traveling. It’s even a good conversation starter when you’re at a party and need something to talk about!

If you don’t have ear piercings, consider a ring first. Again, getting a ring as a statement piece while traveling is an excellent idea because they tend to use stones that are indigenous to the region and therefore much less expensive than they would otherwise be in other parts of the world. You may find stones in necklaces and bracelets as well, which can make bold statements in fashion just as well as rings. Whatever it is, remember again to choose something that truly pops out at you.

2. A unique shawl or wrap
A shawl or wrap can be another excellent way to show of the unique side of you. “Many shawls and scarves used as wraps are extremely unique and different,” said NTY Clothing Exchange. You can often purchase them in different countries at bazars and fairs. They tend to be quite cheap in some places as well.

If you’re wondering when to wear your cover up, why not use it as a warm shawl when going out on a date? You can also use it as a fun cover up at the beach.

3. A pair of unique glasses
Have you noticed a trend here? We’re using the word “unique” with everything because in essence, that’s what a statement piece is. It’s unique and different from anything you’ve seen before.

For example, if you need glasses, consider getting a pair that actually make a statement in fashion. Don’t go with the old tried and true pair. Don’t go with the pair that are non-offensive and tend to just blend in with your face and hair.

Instead, try a pair of bright red glasses or even some small wire frames, which are not often in style. Do something different if you can and if you like whatever it is that’s a bit different. That’s the whole point of statement pieces.

Make a Statement only if you want
Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. In fact, you don’t need to have that special piece of jewelry, that exotic wrap or those interesting glasses to be seen as unique and cool.

If you think that subdued colors and calm designs are distinctly you, then why not? Choose these, more plain items and designs for your wardrobe and even for your statement pieces. Truly, what it all comes down to is what you like and how you want to come across to others. Statement pieces help you show off who you are and what your personal brand is.