3 Home Improvement Projects that Require Proper Excavation


Everybody wants to live in a comfortable, convenient, and most of all nice-looking place. If you’re not satisfied with your existing home, you are probably planning to make some improvements in the future that may require large-scale operation such as excavation.

Don’t be confused about this type of project. It’s not about a mega project as one may think. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) defines excavation “as any man-made cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the earth’s surface formed by earth removal.” In other words, excavation could be from home improvements to public works.

As time goes by, you will surely discover some improvements that should be made to your home, whether these are repairs and maintenance work or beautification projects. Sometimes, it is inevitable that these projects entail much digging.

To give you some ideas, here are three home-improvement projects that require proper excavation:

  1. Foundation Repair and Construction

If your home is big and old, you have to check its foundation overtime. This is what many people usually forget. They have no idea that house foundation also needs improvements over a certain period of time. This is because there are factors that weaken the house foundation such as liquefaction, soil erosion, earthquake, and heavy storm, according to CSS Grading.

On the other hand, it is also recommended to have a periodic check of your home foundation even without the above factors. The purpose of which is to assess the quality of materials used and its level of depreciation. If you have found some cracks, this means it is more vulnerable to unexpected calamity, so you need to repair it and perform an excavation to improve it.

You will also need to excavate your home if you have a plan to build a house extension such as garage, kitchen extension, or porch. New construction must be aligned with old foundation to balance the weight of your home’s structure.

  1. Septic System

Septic system┬ámaintenance is also a must. It does not only prevent clogging in your pipelines it can also prepare your home in case of flooding. It means you can’t just ignore it forever.

A poorly maintained septic system is not good for your health, nor for environment as waste and contaminants in it may bring bacterial and viral diseases. Therefore, any damage that may occur will result in a much bigger problem.

Our bathroom is the most important part of our home without which a house will never be called home. Any sudden problem that your bathroom could have would be very difficult for you. To avoid this, you have to make sure that your home’s septic system is intact and works smoothly. It is because most bathroom problems are related to septic system problems. To make sure you won’t have such hassles, you will have to eventually perform an excavation to check, repair, maintain, or improve it.

  1. Landscaping

Surely, you want a better surrounding outside your home. A beautiful garden and stunning terrain will provide a very relaxing ambiance not only for you but also for other people who come across your home. There is no question you would want such a nice place.

However, it looks as though everything is natural. The reality is that all the components that contribute to the beauty of your home’s surrounding are part of a landscaping process, and landscaping is not just about flowers and garden in your area. It requires excavation, especially if you need a trench or a lagoon. Installing a watering system such as fountain or free flowing water would require excavation, too.


There are many types of home improvements, and the above projects are the best examples of the ones that will require proper excavation. They can’t be done by just digging your way to improve them. These can be handled and done by excavation service providers who specialize in this particular field so it is advisable to get their service if you have any similar home-improvement project.