3 High End E-Cigars You Should Ponder Buying


High-end e-cigars and 3-cigarettes have been touted as a viable alternative to smoking the real thing. Also called “vaping,” this trend has allowed smokers to enjoy the sensation of smoking, without some of the side effects. And given that these electronic smokes come in a variety of flavors, you can bet that people have their own favorites, especially now that some big tobacco companies have decided to add electronic smokes to their lineup. In fact, a Reuters article claims that in Japan, they are so popular that Philip Morris had to hold back its roll-out of e-cigarettes.

If you’d like to try an alternative to smoking tobacco, here are three e-cigars that may just convince you to switch!

First Some Facts
Best E-Cigar said, “Vaping is seen as a viable option for those who want to quit smoking.” According to Wikipedia, 52% of ex-smokers and smokers have tried e-cigars/ e-cigarettes. Although vaping among non-smokers is on the rise, this demographic still represents a small number of the people who will try e-smokes. Some people use both tobacco and e-cigars/ e-cigarettes simultaneously. However, as the trend toward not smoking has continued to grow, this type of “smoking” has surged in popularity. When you’re trying to choose the right e-cigar for the smoker, considering these facts will help you fit the type of e-cigar to the vaper.

1. V2 – A Little Coffee With Your Cigar?
All of the e-smokes on the V2 site get the thumbs up from some very big hitters in the quit-smoking world. The QuitSmokingCommunity.org site rates any of the e-cigars and e-cigarettes on this site as top notch. The Quit Smoking Community site has named the company the top brand of 2016 due its incredible line of products.

For the first-time vaper, this may be the go-to site.

If offers a variety of starter kits that include vaping pens, e-liquids, and chargers. Best of all, this site lets you choose the flavors of e-cigars that you want as well as their strength. Flavors like Menthol appeal to the traditionalist, while chocolate, coffee, and vanilla are must-try newbies!

2. Mig Vapor for the Power Vaper
This company’s e-cigs are showing the most growth of any e-cigarette company on the market today. Like most companies, it has its share of flavors, vaping pens (the tool that replaces the cigar in the mouth), tanks, and batteries.

What is particularly appealing for some about these e-cigs is that the pens are the size of the traditional cigarette, making them “blend” in a bit in a crowd. However, that doesn’t mean that they lack taste. To the contrary, that’s one of the reasons why they rate so high among e-cigar/ e-cigarette enthusiasts!

This is the company to try when you want to experiment with different types of e-cigar pens.

3. Johnson Creek – A Tried and True Favorite
There’s something about tradition. And Johnson Creek is the place to go when you want to go back to the beginning. Their smoke juice was one of the first on the market. In fact, they originally only dealt in the liquids, and many considered the liquids from this company among the best. Over time, their liquids have continued to improve. For those who smoke partially because they like the tastes of certain cigarette and cigar flavors, this is a good company to try. It was because of their vaping liquid that the term “smoke juice” came into existence.

All of this said, the company eventually did get into selling their own version of the e-cigar/ e-cigarette. These devices may not have the bells and whistles that some do, but they are known to last. And for the vaper who wants to go with one-stop shopping, this adds convenience to the shopping experience. The company has only a couple of devices and sells the Vea canteens to hold the equipment in.

Fun flavors to try include:

  • Plantana (banana)
  • Peachified
  • Cinnerin

This company also makes a tobacco-flavored juice for those want the traditional cigarette taste.

The world of vaping or e-cigars/ e-cigarettes has much to offer both the new and experienced vaper. And each e-cigar enthusiast has his/ her own reason for trying vaping. With items like starter kits, smoke juices, and cutting edge technology, the three e-cigar companies and their respective smokes have earned a place on this list due to the variety they offer the vaper.