3 Habits You Should Develop When Caring For Your Lawn


The value of having a beautiful lawn will bring curb appeal to every property and homeowner. Having a yard that has the look and feel of a golf course is every owner’s dream. Thick, green and gorgeous are only some of the words that people think of when they view a well-maintained lawn. Learn three habits now to keep that yard lush and green throughout most of the year.

The Secret of Fertilizer
The application of a quality fertilizer is essential for a beautiful lawn. Homeowners will usually take the advice from the local farm and garden center on what type to use and when to apply it. The application process must be repeated several times per year.

  • Spring during the months of April through May. This is the ideal time to apply fertilizer to the lawn before the growing season begins.
  • The beginning of hot weather during the first week of June. Never fertilize if high heat forecasts are predicted.
  • Fall weather during September is the time to apply a third round of nutrients to the lawn so it can recover from hot weather.
  • Winter application of fertilizer will help the roots continue to remain healthy and strong after the lawn begins losing that green color.

The fertilizer application process should be followed according to manufacturer’s instructions labeled on the package. The use of the wrong type and applying too much can quickly burn the grass. Another time to avoid using fertilizer is during an extreme drought and high temperature swings. Remember to use the correct fertilizer mixture for the type of grass growing on the property.

Always water the lawn after applying fertilizer to help soak the nutrients into the soil. A good time to broadcast is before a period of rain. Use earth and animal friendly products that won’t harm the environment.

Aerating the Lawn
A critical step in producing a vibrant and healthy lawn is the process of aerating the thatch layer. This helps nutrients get down into where the roots are. It helps promote growth and allows water to penetrate the ground into the soil where the roots need it most.

A healthy lawn needs aeration in order to promote growth. Signs that a lawn needs to be aerated are areas where the grass refuses to grow. Rain runoff from packed soil will reduce the amount of water that the roots need to survive and grow. Clay soil must be aerated on a regular basis to keep the soil from becoming hard. Aerating this type of soil will require the process done at least once a year.

Mowing and Watering When Needed
Most lawns can survive without additional watering from a sprinkler system unless high temperatures and low rainfall are prevalent. Lawns should be fed moisture during drought conditions if they begin to turn brown or look unhealthy. Water the lawn for half hour durations to allow moisture to work into the soil where the roots are. An additional half hour soak can be used early in the morning if needed.

The ideal times to water a lawn is during the morning hours. The weather is cool and provides the lawn a chance to soak in that needed moisture. Never water the lawn late in the evening. It can lead to fungus growth that makes the lawn unhealthy. It can actually do more harm than good for the lawn. A lawn shouldn’t be watered over two times per week. Too much water can lead to fungus growth and promote poor root growth.

According to BeautyLawn Spray, the key to a great cut when it comes to mowing the lawn starts with using equipment in great operating condition. Before the season begins is the perfect opportunity to have the blades replaced or sharpened on the mower. Always have fresh oil and spark plugs installed for the highest performance.

Always mow the lawn at the proper height level. Cutting the grass too close to the ground can cause the grass to turn brown. It can cause the lawn to be less disease tolerant. Follow recommendations on the type of grass to adjust the blade cut height on the mower. A farm and feed supply store or outdoor center can give homeowners more knowledge on cutting height for grass varieties.

Change the mowing pattern routine each time the lawn is cut and try to cut the lawn during mornings or evenings when the weather is cooler. Following this information will help provide all homeowners with a gorgeous lawn that they can be proud of.