3 Great E-Cigarette Brands for All Budgets


E-cigarettes have become a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. “Not only do vapers just look cooler as they puff from their wide variety of e-liquids, but they also reduce the risk for all the diseases associated with tobacco,” said E-Cig Guide. Nowadays, there are so many e-cigarette brands with different products to choose from. This could make it quite daunting for the beginner to effectively enter into vaping culture. In this brief article, we will go through three of the finest e-cigarette companies on the market today to give you some idea of what brand would be best for you. Beginners and pros can both find much to like in all three of these brands.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes

Many e-cigarette sites put V2 Electronic Cigarettes’ products at the very top of their “best of” lists. This company currently offers a famous EX line of products, which are e-cigarettes that include refillable tanks, powerful batteries, and enhanced vapor production. With their EX line, V2 has tried to combine the convenience of a portable e-cigarette with the power of a bulkier one. V2 does offer a starter kit for only $40, which includes two flavor cartridges, two V2 classic batteries, ten V2 classic flavor cartridges, one wall adapter, one express charger, and one user manual. There are, of course, higher priced V2 items with designer e-cigarettes and brushed steel batteries for those who wish to spend more. These higher grade kits can range from $70 to $120. All people shopping for e-cigarettes will find a wide variety of options from V2, including ten e-liquid flavors, different battery sizes, and starter kits for both beginners and for pros. Their power and performance are the driving forces behind V2’s success in the vaping industry.


Halo E-Cigarettes was one of the very first companies to make e-liquids in the US. Within only two years, this company transformed itself into one of the most powerful e-cigarette producers in the world. The most popular model offered by Halo is the Triton Tank System Starter Kit. There are two main options for people looking to get started with a Triton kit: the Triton Tank Kit and the Triton Single Kit. The Triton Single Kit is only $25, and it is great for beginners. You will get a 650-mAh battery, a crystal clear 2.4ml tank, a USB charger, a bottle of one of Halo’s e-liquids, and a manual. The Triton Tank Kit is for more advanced vapers. It includes two 650-mAh batteries, two 2.4ml tanks, a nose cone, one USB charger, a manual, and one bottle of Halo e-liquid for $50. With over 22 flavors to try through their famous Triton brand e-cigarettes, Halo has made a name for itself in the vaping world, and it could be a great place to start your own vaping journey.


Juul has been called by some the “Apple of e-cigarettes.” Their sleek and simple design has stunned many in the vaping community. People who are drawn to this brand name are drawn in for its sheer aesthetics. You might get better power options with V2 or Halo, but if you are looking for a very simple and beautiful device, you should look into Juul. Starter kits come with a USB charger, one Juul device, four flavored cartridges, and a one-year warranty. A first time user will have no difficulty discovering how to use this product since there are no buttons or complicated battery instructions. All you have to do is load the machine and start puffing on the mouthpiece. It is really that simple. Not only is this starter kit perhaps the most user-friendly on the market, it is also very affordable, coming in at $50. For people who are total beginners, Juul might be the best option just because it will get you started vaping with very little difficulty.