3 Garage Door Designs to Increase Your Home Value


According to The National Association of Realtors, the average cost of a garage door replacement project is around $2,300. Having a worn out or beat up garage door can risk your home’s curb appeal. You can enhance the look of your home and increase its value by repairing or replacing your garage door, because it is one of the focal points of your house. The garage door should also work smoothly because many people use their garage doors as entryways into their houses.

1. Carriage Style Garage Door
Carriage style garage doors have been in existence since the colonial days. Back then, they were used to protect carriages from the elements. Early carriage garage doors were symbols of wealth because they usually had stained glass windows and ornamental exterior decorations. Although it is not easy to come across original carriage style garage doors, they still exist. It is important to know that many authorities have restrictions for the size of carriage style garage. Some states do not permit carriage style garages that are more than 30 percent of the main living space, according to North Bay Overhead Doors Inc. Carriage style garage doors are usually very attractive. You can access thousands of carriage garage door designs and plans online or by visiting local home improvement stores.

2. Steel Garage Doors
Many people prefer to have metal garage doors because they are low maintenance. Steel is one of the most popular metal garage doors because it is fairly inexpensive and durable. However, you will need to protect your steel garage door from rust and dents. Consider buying steel garage doors with strong 24-or 25- panels instead of 27- or 28- gauge .You can also go for a steel door with a fiberglass overlay, which is resistant to rust and dents. However, fiberglass color fades with time and you will need to periodically re-stain and repaint your garage doors.

3. Wood Garage Doors
Wood provides authenticity and charm that other garage door materials do not. In addition, they come in a wide range of sizes and can be made locally. Wood garage doors are not susceptible to rust and dents. However, the downside of wood garage doors is that they need frequent refinishing and repainting.

Types of Wood Used on Wooden Garage Doors:

Plywood is an ideal and popular garage door material because it is very cost effective regardless of the door size. You can create diverse styles and sizes of garage doors using plywood because it is highly versatile. Despite being light, plywood can be used as an exterior skin over a frame because they are strong enough to make a sturdy door that is less costly than solid doors made from other types of woods. Plywood panels can be shaped into various sizes and thickness because plywood is attached in panels to an interior skeleton.

Douglas fir is a common type of softwood used as skeletal material for garage doors. It can also be used to produce attractive exterior panels. It is a common feature in many garage doors because of its attractiveness and durability. In addition, its firmness and thickness make it ideal for creating framing materials since it will not buckle or warp over time. Its appearance also makes it perfect for its functions since it presents a noticeable and striking grain. The grain displays unique patterns when treated and stained well.

Mahogany is a relatively costly wood garage door material. However, it has some of the most appealing effects. Mahogany is very durable, heavy, and extremely solid because it is a hardwood. In addition, it comes in a wide range of styles and colors and differently to paint and stains.

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