3 Exercises Designed to Improve Blood Flow


Bad circulation can be a terrible problem for many people, and it can cause an number of serious medical issues in your body. For example, swelling and fluid retention can occur, and it most often will occur in lower extremities when circulation is poor. In some cases, when blood flow doesn’t get to your toes or the entire video as your foot, imputation is necessary.

With that being said, amputation usually isn’t a problem until far down the line. But it’s important to E in charge of your own body and take care of your circulation. What is the best ways to do this with exercise. There are number of key exercises that can help with your blood flow and circulation.

1. Yoga Positions
“Yoga positions make your body move in ways that it’s not used to,” said Vascular & Interventional Pavilion. This is great for blood circulation because poor circulation often occurs in individuals who don’t movie enough. People who sit in one position all day or never change at all can get poor circulation in no time.

If you are new to yoga, it’s easy to get started. There are a number of different positions to master for beginners before you move on to more complex stances, so there’s no need to worry about rushing yourself. A few of the best yoga positions for blood regulation are as follows.

The Warrior II pose is simple and helps to get you moving in ways you aren’t used to. In order to get into Warrior II, spread your legs so that they are about 3 feet apart when standing. Spread your arms straight out to your sides and point your hands. Now turn one foot out to the side, and turn your head to face in the same direction.

Downward dog is another yoga pose that you have probably heard of before. You start with legs shoulder width apart and bend over to touch the ground with your hands. Inch you way out so that you have your hands out in front of you with your feet still on the ground as well. Point your hips up toward the ceiling and create a triangle with your body while you continue to look at your feet.

2. Legs on the Wall
Legs on the wall isn’t exactly a yoga pose, but it’s definitely a simple pose that you can do to promote blood flow in your body. You can do this pose anywhere you want, and it’s even easy to do in your own home.

To start doing legs on the wall, you’ll need to lay down on the floor. Lay down on the floor so that you are facing the wall. You can bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor to start with. If it is uncomfortable to lay on the floor, feel free to put her yoga mat beneath your body or just use a beach towel or soft blanket. You may also consider putting a pillow beneath your head and neck to support them.

Put your hands at either side of your body. Raise your feet so that they are on the wall. Start by making and 90 degree angle with your lower and upper legs and knees bent. If the stretches too much for you, inch away from the wall create more room for yourself. If you can, move your legs up the wall so that they are straight and your knees are not bent. Stay here for three or four minutes.

3. Walking
Did you know that simply walking abound can help improve your blood circulation? If you are new to exercise in general, just start with something easy like walking or jogging when you can. Walking helps to move your body and get those calories burning.

If you can’t walk very far without getting tired or feeling pain in your legs, just walk around the block once and see how you feel. Do this for a week and then walk around two times and see how you feel. Increase your exercise until you feel good about jogging or running or even biking.

Improving circulation in your body should be something that you strive to do. Exercise helps you in so many different ways, and it definitely helps increase blood circulation. Try it today.

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