3 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Photographers


These days, people all over the world use the services of photographers. When you use these services, you may find that the photographers do an exceptionally good job. If this happens, you probably want to show your appreciation in a memorable way. Luckily, there are many strategies you can deploy to ensure that the photographer knows you were happy with the images produced on your behalf. Below you will find just three of many easy ways you can show appreciation for your photographers:

1. Tip.

In her article “A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way; Why Gratitude Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving,” Amy Rees Anderson points out that “Appreciation is one of life’s greatest motivators…” She also points out that when people realize that they are valued, they are inspired to do even more. In thinking about this scientifically proven reality, you may want to consider that showing appreciation for photographers will oftentimes inspire them to operate in excellence when they complete a future project on your behalf. One great way to show your appreciation is by giving the photographer a tip.

If you’re not familiar with basic concepts regarding how much you should tip, don’t worry. There are numerous articles you can read to get an idea of how much you should tip, and one of them is “This Is How Much You Should Tip For Every Service.” Many people consider 15% of the total bill to be the standard tipping practice. If you think that your photographer did an exceptional job, you may want to tip even more.

2. Referral.

In addition to tipping, you may want to consider the value of referring another person to your photographer. This strategy is effective because it means you will be generating more business for the individual to whom you want to show your appreciation. There are a wide range of people that you can refer to the photographer, and some of them include:

  • Partner
  • Co-worker
  • Family member
  • Business partner

One way to complete the referral is by simply telling the other individual that the photographer did a great job and offering them a business card with the photographer’s contact information. The other individual can keep this business card on hand and refer to it when they’re in need of photography services.

3. Send A Thank You Card.

One final strategy you can deploy to show appreciation for your photographers is sending a thank you card. Kevin’s Photography said, “This strategy is highly effective because it shows the photographer that you took the time to say thank you in a manner that required conscious effort and thought.” In a digital age, it’s easy to send an electronic thank you card or tip with a click of your button. Sitting down to write out a personal note that contains your own unique thoughts regarding how the photography services benefited you takes more effort. In some cases, a photographer may value the thank you card over the tip.

Don’t Delay: Show Appreciation Today!

At some point in life, you may attain exceptionally effective, excellent photography services. When this happens, you may feel overjoyed and subsequently experience a deep desire to show appreciation to your photographer. When this happens, it’s important to know that there are several strategies you can implement to show appreciation. Some of them include leaving a substantive tip, referring someone in your social network, or sending a thank you card. Try any one of these three strategies to ensure that your photographer understands how appreciative you are. If you want to make your appreciation really tangible, try employing two or three methods simultaneously!