3 Customized Items to Make Your Holiday Party a Hit


The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. People are in generous moods. They’re happy, they’re getting a bit more time off work than usual, and the overall atmosphere is one of excitement. It’s difficult not to feel good when everything is beautiful and bright during the holidays, and that is just one of the many reasons throwing a holiday party is so much fun. Of course, everyone is throwing a holiday party this time of year, which means you have to step yours up a notch to two to ensure it’s the best party of the year. Fear not, friends. There is no need to break your budget and hand out personalized Tiffany & Co. party favors. You can customize your party in three very unexpected ways that are bound to impress your guests and make you the host with the most.

Custom Napkins
The most impressive aspect of any holiday party lies in the details. The things that hosts often overlook are often the most impressive to your guests, according to Limelight Paper & Partyware. Instead of your standard red and green holiday napkins, consider ordering some custom napkins from a print shop that wish your guests well. Choose a holiday slogan, and add it to your napkins. Now add the year and a line that wishes your guests happy holidays from your family by including your last name, and watch your guests delight.

Nothing says thoughtful like making your guests feel as if you put forth more effort than you really did to make your party feel like a success. This is such a small effort, but it makes such a big impact.

Custom Printables
If you live in the current century, you’ve heard of a little site called Etsy. This is the go-to location when it comes to finding anything you need to customize a party. One of our favorite ways to make your holiday party custom is ordering custom prints and framing them. It sounds so much more expensive than it is, and we’ll tell you why.

Pick a color scheme. We recommend something elegant such as silver and red or gold and white, and then search for holiday phrases in those colors on Etsy. You’ll find hundreds of little shops on the site that sell printable art you can create at home. For just a few dollars, you can print art to put in cheap photo frames you spray paint holiday colors. You can print custom wine bottle labels, candy bar wrappers, and anything else you want to customize your holiday party.

A Custom Photo Booth
We love a gorgeous photo booth, and we know you can do it without spending thousands. All you need is a well-lit room with a wall you can hang a holiday background over. Now you just need a small table, some props and people with cameras. The latter won’t be difficult to find this holiday season. You can order printable photo booth props online, or you can find them at your nearest party store.

Once your guests arrive, usher them into the photo booth room and encourage them to have a good time. There is nothing like breaking the ice with a great photo booth. Be sure to print a fun sign to frame in the photo booth room on the prop table. If you use social media, this sign is perfect to tell your guests what the party hashtag is going to be for the evening. When your guests post their photo booth photos to social media, you’ll be able to have them in a hashtag album so you miss nothing.

It’s the little touches that make the biggest difference. By adding a little personalized touch to anything, you can make a huge difference. Other sweet suggestions include custom cocktails, a party-theme playlist, and even a fun parting gift for your friends to take with them when they leave. We love a hot chocolate bar and a s’mores bar to enjoy by the fire.

The holidays are a perfect excuse to have fun and get creative with your holiday décor and party planning. Don’t let the opportunity to impress your guests pass you by this year. Make it your goal to be the hostess of the year. You want your guests to start talking now about how excited they are for next year’s party.