3 Crazy Health Benefits of using Lip Balm


Lip balm is a substance that resembles wax, and it is applied on the lips of the mouth. The primary function of a lip balm is to protect the lips against unfavorable external conditions. Lip balms help in preventing chapping of the lips, which leads to cracking, bleeding and pain. The balm is inexpensive and convenient to carry around. It is easy to acquire and put in the purse, desk drawer, or in the pocket when traveling. Lip balm is essential to everyone even those who participate in outdoor sports.
Lip balm can be applied on the lips using a finger or directly if it is contained in a lipstick–style tube. Some of the common ingredients of lip balm include bee wax, camphor, paraffin, lanolin, petroleum jelly, dyes, flavors, phenols, sunscreens, salicylic acid and fragrances. Some of the crazy benefits of using lip balm include the following:

1. Promotes fast healing of the skin
“According to various dermatologists, the human skin heals faster when it is moist,” said Tasty Hemp Oil. Therefore, a lip balm is helpful in sealing the cracks that are visible on a chapped mouth. The sealing helps prevent infection and further irritation.

2. Protection from the sun’s rays
A hydrated mouth often makes an individual look younger. Currently, lip balms that are available in the market contain SPF that protects the skin against sun damage. Ingredients such as elastin simulators, antioxidants, and collagen are helpful in slowing down the aging process. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are incorporated in most lip balms, and they are useful in acting as sun block. This indicates that they prevent the ultraviolet rays of the sun from hurting the mouth.

3. Soothing effects
The thinness of the lips makes them vulnerable to dryness. Some of the materials that are used in the manufacturing process of the lip balm are efficient in the soothing and conserving moisture of the lips. Alcohol that is present in lip balm protects the lips against bacterial attack. The flavorings, sunscreens, colorants and various types of medications provide additional benefits to the user.

Lip balms have few disadvantages. Some of the limitations may arise due to laxity when using or during the manufacturing process. When the lip balms are made using ingredients that are of low quality, they can adversely affect the lips. Instead of moisturizing them, the lip balms can end up making the lips dry.

Some of the famous brands of lip balms have been known to cause addiction. Habitual use of the product can make a person develop an obsession toward the lip balms. A variety of manufacturing companies come up with the product considering only the beauty aspect of it. They do not give much attention to the severe health implications and how the product affects the soft nature of the lips. Such products usually end up damaging the natural color, glow and the softness of the lips they are supposed to protect.

When choosing the best lip balm for purchase, it is advisable to consider price, the number of tubes per package, ingredients and standout features. When buying the lip balm, it is important to remember not to test the sample on your lips. This is to protect you from bacterial and viral infections, because, another person might have used the samples.

Not much difference exists between balm and lip gloss. The lip balms are designed to moisturize and protect the lips, however, they provide the same level of shine as gloss, and they many times add some color to the lips. Gloss can moisturize, and they also contain various protective elements that are present in a lip balm.