3 Clever Ways to Display Military Award Medals


Do you have a collection of military medals? Perhaps you have inherited them over the years from your family members. Perhaps you have been awarded them. In both cases, you probably are looking for creative ways to display these prized treasures — and you can do this with a few simple and inexpensive hacks. With just a little resourcefulness and creativity, you’ll be able to easily and beautifully display your most treasured military award medals for all your guests to see. What’s even better is that these display options create an heirloom display piece that you can pass on to other generations in your family. Read on to learn our three clever ways to display the military award medals in your home.

Tip #1: Coin Display

If you have several military medals that are round, like coins, you can line them in a glass display case in rows. Keep in mind that you may have to take off any ribbon attached to coin-shaped medals, you’ll probably need to detach the ribbons. This display option really only works if just the faces of the round medals are placed in the display case rows. You can hang this case on a wall or you can set it on a piece of furniture or book shelf.

Tip #2: Display Case in Coffee Table

Purchase a coffee table that has a glass top that lifts up and provides space to display items. This is a cool and efficient way to display all kinds of different medals. You can really create a scene and infuse it with a military theme using a coffee table display box. If you don’t have the budget for a coffee table display case, then you can recreate this look on a smaller scale with a flag display case or a shadow box. You can purchase both of these latter two items at your local craft store. Attach the medals using small straight pins that you can press through the fabric attached to the medals or by placing a removable adhesive sticker to the back of the medals. Both of these options can be displayed on furniture or hung on a wall.

Tip #3: Decorative Towel Bar

Finally, install a decorative towel bar in your hobby room, office or living room to hang military medals that have ribbon lanyards. This is an easy and creative way to line up the medals and to create a beautiful display on a wall. Keep in mind that the military medals will not be protected behind glass like they would if they were stored in a coin display, coffee table display, flag display box or shadow box. So you may want to hang the towel bar up high — such as behind a desk — so that it really becomes a piece of art for your wall and there is less of a chance that someone will try to reach out and touch the medals. Over time, you’ll need to clean the medals and dust the towel bar, but if you hang the bar high enough on a wall, then the medals won’t get marred by the dirt and oil of visitor’s hands.

Display Your Medals in Minutes
Are you ready to get started with your military medal display? Many people don’t realize that all it takes is a few minutes and a few inexpensive resources to get a beautiful display for your award medals. Your family members and visitors will be impressed with the big impact such a little effort can have on your home and your family’s history. “Military medals are beautiful awards and often have intricate details, making them ideal candidates for some type of simple display solution in your home,” said Medals of America. Placing military medals in a display case or on a decorative towel bar enhances not only their distinguished look by turning them collectively into a presentation piece but these design solutions also organize and protect your military award medals for many years to come. Get started on your military award medal displays by using our handy guide of three clever display tips!


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