3 Children Items You Should Always Resale


Never throw away these 3 children’s items!

Starting a family is an expensive investment. From the moment a child arrives into this world, you start to buy things. You have to buy diapers, baby beds, clothes, food, carseats, strollers, toys, etc. Really, anything that is marketed for a baby or child is quite a bit more pricey than something marketed for an adult. Since children grow at such a fast rate, that means you are spending money at a fast rate. But that also means you are probably storing or throwing out the no longer needed items at a fast rate. Instead of tossing out those items, you can actually resell them and use that to either a.) get some of your investment back or b.)use that money to buy new items.

So you are probably thinking, what are the best things to resell when it comes to children items? Since parents are starting to pick up on the popular trend, you can actually find some pretty helpful advice out there. After doing some reading and online research these are the top three things that you can be guaranteed to resell easily.

Gently used clothing
The number one thing that you can successfully resell when it comes to children’s items are clothes. Babies and kids outgrow clothes within a few months. Parents are constantly shopping for clothes and shoes that probably won’t even fit in a few months. Sometimes you might buy something that your child will not even get a chance to wear! So when you search the internet for used children’s items, the number one thing you are going to see a market for is clothing. ABC News even published a segment on how moms are selling children’s clothes for extra cash.Check it out here!Reselling kids clothes is a for sure way to declutter the kids closet and make a little extra cash back. Now, go through those kids closet’s and start sorting through all the pieces they no longer wear!


Children’s Furniture
In today’s Pinterest world, DIY projects are on everyone’s mind. It’s all about the pottery barn vibe when it comes to children’s rooms. So when you decide to toss away the baby furniture for toddler furniture, you should probably think twice and choose to sell it to that young couple who is expecting their first child. Think about it, wouldn’t you have loved to snag a deal on baby furniture if you knew that it wouldn’t be used for long vs spending all that money? Now parents are starting to catch on and realize that you don’t need brand new furniture for it to be cute. All it takes is a little sanding and paint and the baby dresser will match any nursery decor. Anywhere you search, you are going to find that furniture is a top selling item that people are looking for at yard sales or thrift stores. Children’s furniture is a huge hit, you are almost guaranteed to find someone who will buy your used furniture in no time. Do not trash these items!!

Children’s books and toys
One thing that may not be so clear on the list of children’s items to resale would be books. Children’s books can get expensive, but most parents want to read to their children starting at a young age. Reading the same book over and over can get boring for both parent and child. So again, instead of throwing out old books, recycle the book buying process by selling used books and buying new ones with that money. Most book stores will even buy back your book for a credit towards the new purchase. Toys will come and go. Children will have a favorite toy this month, but then see a new toy in the store and want that one. Instead of building a collection of kid’s toys in the family room, why not resell those toys? It is all pretty much the same idea: buy item, use item, resell item, buy new item. Keep the kids entertained and keep your house tidy!

Ok parents, get out there and start reselling! Go through your kids closets, whatever they have grown out of, put it on the market! Is your toddler ready for a kid’s bed? Well, somewhere out there, there is a mom wanting to by a toddler bed for her little one! Declutter the bookshelves and toy boxes. Continue the cycle of reselling stuff you have to buy new stuff, or even pocket some of the investment return!

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