3 Best Areas to Buy Real Estate in Del Rio, TX


As one of the more popular states in the nation, Texas often finds itself as the destination for many people each year. While there are many large cities such as Dallas or Houston that offer attractive real estate, buyers often look to smaller cities that provide a simpler and safer way of life. With a population of almost 40,000 residents, Del Rio is one of those cities that catches the attention of many who want to relocate to the Lone Star State. Even though its population is nowhere near that of larger suburban areas like Dallas or Houston, it has become clear to many people in the real estate industry that Del Rio’s neighborhoods are very attractive to buyers. For those who are seeking real estate in Del Rio, here are three areas considered to be the best when it comes to the best prices and other amenities.

San Felipe
Known to be one of Del Rio’s oldest and most established neighborhoods, San Felipe is an area where many local residents choose to settle down. Because of Del Rio’s proximity to Laughlin Air Force Base, it has a large military population that buys numerous properties throughout the city. In addition to current military personnel stationed at Laughlin, many who retire from active duty choose to buy property in Del Rio and make it their permanent home. With its proximity to South Del Rio, another popular area within the city, San Felipe has found itself to be a spot where many entrepreneurs choose to open new businesses. However, despite its growing reputation for being a business district, it’s still one of Del Rio’s most preferred residential areas. Intimate avenues are bordered by large pecan, oak, and sycamore trees, while a combination of older homes and modern ones make up the neighborhood. Along with two-story homes, buyers can purchase smaller adobe or frame houses for reasonable prices, often at less than $120,000. For more information about San Felipe, please visit here.

Considered to be the spiritual hub of Del Rio, Chihuahua also offers a variety of properties very popular with many residents. Also located in the southern part of Del Rio, Chihuahua often hosts numerous neighborhood festivals that attract hundreds of people for great fun and games. However, despite the many opportunities it offers residents to unwind and get to know one another, it is its spiritual importance to the community that makes Chihuahua so popular. St. Joseph Church, along with the United Civic Organization Park, serve as major gathering places for local residents and offer plenty of activities that bring people closer together. With such a diverse population of residents, Chihuahua is a neighborhood that continues to grow with its population. Whether it’s military veterans or other longtime residents of the city, Chihuahua homes are very affordable, with many people choosing to live near the cultural center of the city.

Buena Vista
As one of Del Rio’s largest neighborhoods, Buena Vista is a part of the city that has a character all its own. Full of sprawling subdivisions that attract many new families each year, it has the distinction of being known as the Indian Reservation. This is due to the fact that many of the subdivision’s streets are named after various Native American themes, with such colorful names as Arrowhead, Peace Pipe, White Feather, Tomahawk, and many other interesting names. With this theme in place, new residents often choose to embrace these names and themes and in fact decorate their homes to emphasize a Native American look. As a result, it’s a popular destination for younger families seeking a place to express their individualism, according to Lake Amistad Realty.

No matter which of these three areas people choose as the location for their new home, it’s clear Del Rio is a growing city that has numerous options for those seeking to settle down in the Lone Star State. Whether it’s San Felipe, Chihuahua, or Buena Vista, those who purchase properties and choose to call the area home are guaranteed to find neighborhoods that have many friends and a level of convenience found nowhere else.