3 benefits of using software for a Maintenance Team’s Efficiency


Although often overlooked, software is one of the most important elements in management of maintenance. Apart from smooth running and reduction of costs involved, the increased changes in technology has made it mandatory for companies to include software in all maintenance practices. Maintenance teams are now, more than ever, relying on software to find data about their companies in their line of work and report in real-time. Here are some of the biggest benefits of software in improving the efficiency of a maintenance team.

Real-Time Access to Data
While desktop computers are a big help to maintenance team, their usefulness is only beneficial when they don’t have to work in remote areas. Maintenance staffs who spend most of their working hours away from the main facility need a better way of communication and updating company data. Software enables the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones which in turn enable them to work more efficiently, especially when they have to give their response to working instructions in real-time as well as submit accurate reports.

With mobile devices, it is easy for organizations to access CMMS data which is web-based. In addition, maintenance staff can better manage orders related to work as well as track inventory and the cost of labor. In the end, accuracy in updating all information is achieved. Supervisors also do not need to keep a follow-up to know what their team in the field is up to.

Improved Productivity
“Besides enabling the team to better plan for preventive maintenance, good software enables better reviews of job instructions as well as pick out what is needed to complete the job,” said Ashcom Technologies. In addition, the software enables one to get important information including warranties and the history of all services done on the equipment. Keep in mind that software packages come with additional features including configuration and management of reports and ability to show performance indicators involved in presentations helping a great deal when it comes to connecting to the cloud, sharing, and accessing information resulting to improved flexibility.

Courtesy of maintenance software, technicians can get emails informing them the time for preventive maintenance and the new repairs, if any, to be carried out. Consequently less response time is required while cases of overdue maintenance procedures are reduced. The result is earlier detection and completion of preventive maintenance.

Reduced Losses Resulting From Downtime
When the machine is awaiting repairs, the company is likely to incur huge losses. It becomes worse when whatever parts needed to bring the machine back in working condition cannot be found as soon as required. Software enables early notification of the impending breakdown and thus timely ordering of the parts and less downtime. The maintenance team will also have a better schedule in planning day-to-day activities which in the end makes it much easier and efficient in performance of their work.

Remember, every type of equipment will require maintenance procedures. Preventive maintenance goes a long way in prolonging the life of the machine, which eventually results to saving a lot of money that would have otherwise gone to purchasing new equipment and replacements of parts. Use of software certainly enables you to find out about any repairs done previously on the equipment and decide whether replacements are due or not.

With the ability to enable real-time access to data, improve productivity, and cut down on downtime losses, use of software can no longer be overlooked by maintenance teams. It is increasingly becoming one of the greatest requirements for running of maintenance practices of many companies. Since the business world is forever changing, organizations and entrepreneurships are always on the lookout for ways in which to absorb the changes while avoiding the possibilities of remaining static.

As a business owner, therefore, you must consider adapting the best software for your company. While off-the-shelf software may seem cheap and fast enough, customized software is far much efficient when it comes to running maintenance operations only unique to your company. Additionally, custom software can easily accommodate your company’s specific preferences and enables your maintenance team to consider hidden risks and take them into account.