3 Benefits of Having Digital Signage at Your Company


If you’ve wandered up and down a street looking for a specific house number in a suburban neighborhood, you know the frustration that comes from looking for something that isn’t clearly identified. While GPS navigation and apps like Google maps have made things far easier to find, even with GPS and a good map app, it can still be incredibly difficult to find an exact address when it is not clearly identified. You don’t ever want this to happen to your customers. Not only can digital signage help your customers find you, but it can also help you in a number of other ways. Here are 3 reasons you want to invest in digital signage for your business.

1. Draws attention

Signs are great when people are already looking for you, but digital signage can help draw the attention of passers-by that aren’t even looking for you. Many times, people would be very interested in your business if they knew it was there, but may be unaware that your business even exists. Digital signage can change that. Unlike a regular sign that is static, digital signage can be programmed to create motion. Motion draws the attention in ways that static signs cannot.

In addition, when we look at something over and over, even if we are doing so unconsciously, eventually we essentially stop seeing it because we know it is there. Seeing something unconsciously and knowing it is there and really seeing it are two different things. Digital signage can actually draw conscious attention. By installing digital signage, you may suddenly bring in customers that have passed by your business for months (or even years) without even realizing it was there, even though you already had a static sign.

2. Helps manage expectations

There is a reason the majority of gas stations have all switched to digital signage. Gas prices can change drastically in the course of a single day or in just a few hours. Gas station attendants often had to go out and manually change prices on exterior signs and if they forgot, the sign would not match up to the price on the pump. Pump prices could be changed remotely, but signs could not. When customers can see up front before they ever pull in what the gas prices are – and the price on the sign matches the price on the pump – they are satisfied, even if the price is high. If the price on the pump is higher than the price on the sign, however, they can be irate. In essence, you wasted their time with false information. While it may be only a few minutes, those few minutes actually matter.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is managing customer expectations. When customers don’t expect something in the first place, they are not disappointed when they don’t get it. When they come in expecting something and don’t get it, however, even some of your most loyal customers can irrationally feel robbed or cheated. So much so that you may even lose them as a customer. It may seem like a small thing, but if you warn them in advance before they get out of the car that you are out of something or needed to close unexpectedly, it can actually make a huge difference in expectations.

3. Helps create customer loyalty

Most businesses spend a great deal of time and energy developing customer loyalty programs, largely because they work. Keeping a customer is significantly cheaper than trying to get a new customer. But the best customer loyalty programs are those that go far beyond a simple rewards system. One of the best ways to gain customer loyalty is by developing personal relationships with your customers. Digital signage can help you do that.

By offering public greetings to some of your most loyal customers, you not only embed their loyalty even deeper, but can even gain you loyalty from otherwise borderline customers. If you’ve ever driven by a digital sign that says something like “Happy Birthday Megan!” or “Happy Anniversary Ben and Patricia! Congratulations on 25 happy years!” or even “Congratulations to the Tigers, this year’s Little League Champions!”, then you have seen a business using its signage to create customer loyalty.