3 Benefits of Conducting a Spring Relocation


When you are planning to relocate within your neighborhood, across the city, or even across the state or country, spring is an optimal time of the year. During the springtime, the real estate market is booming. The weather during the spring months of the year is usually mild, which makes for a more convenient relocation process. If you are considering a move of your household or even your business, consider these three benefits to conducting your move during the springtime.

1- More Choices

During the springtime, homeowners are working hard to prepare their homes for sale. Spring is the time of the year when homeowners are putting in updates that add value to their homes. Some of these updates include fresh landscaping, updating their doors and windows, putting in new flooring and having new roofs, central air conditioners and appliances installed, explains this article on the Huffington Post website. With all of these great updates and renovations, you will be able to choose a place that is move in-ready. You may not have to do a thing other than unpack and decide how to arrange your furniture.

If you are also trying to sell a home as a part of your relocation process, you can take advantage of the season and the increased number of people who are looking to buy homes. In the springtime, many sellers are motivated to get their properties sold as quickly as possible. They are likely to have their homes in tip-top shape and have the property competitively priced.

2- Tax Advantages

Buying your home early in the year allows you to make the most of tax incentives, explains this article on the Forbes.com website. If you will be itemizing your taxes so that you can deduct your mortgage interest, moving expenses and other allowable deductions, you will be able to save more by making a home purchase as early in the year as possible. For example, if you are paying $1,000 per month in mortgage interest and you buy your home in March, that gives you $9,000 of expenses for itemizing on your federal tax returns. This amount alone gets you close to the standard deduction for a married couple filing jointly, and it exceeds the amount of the standard deduction for a single person.

If you planned to take some money out of your IRA to make your home purchase, making the purchase early in the year offsets the untaxed income that you are getting from your retirement account. This would put you ahead when it comes to taxes, whereas a December home purchase would put you behind because you would not have much mortgage interest and taxes to deduct.

3- Better Weather

In most parts of the country, spring also has better weather. According to Allied Van Lines, Inc., moving when it is snowy or icy outside causes the process to take longer. Driving a moving truck across the state or even across the country during the wintertime could be more excitement than you bargained for. In the summertime, the heat can make it difficult for you to do the strenuous lifting. The unconditioned environment of a moving truck could also get too hot for some of your more fragile belongings. The temperature in spring is usually mild and comfortable, and you will generally not have to worry about the presence of snow or ice on the roads.

With more daylight in the spring, you will also have more time to get things done. You will not have to worry about loading and unloading in the dark. The days have 12 hours or more of daylight, which would allow you to complete a lot of work for your relocation. The nice weather of spring also means that many homes are looking their best. You may not have to do much in the way of pruning or planting flowers, and you will not have to worry about the more intensive preparations for winter weather for many months.

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